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her: u eat ass?

me: image


Ah, here it is. The Deaf Awareness Week video that everybody’s been waiting for.

I’ve been running out of inspiration for my YouTube channel lately (which has always been a makeup based channel since I started it) and watching 87daysbefore, chescaleigh, marinashutup, and aconnormanning have inspired me to finally branch out a little bit.

And if I’m going to talk about anything, it may as well be deaf and hard of hearing problems.

I cover a lot of things in one video. I talked about the basics of what deaf, Deaf, and hard of hearing are. I talk about hearing aids and cochlear implants a little bit. Hell, even Switched At Birth (I know, I know) is mentioned. I also bring YouTube into the video.

I’m tempted to make future videos being a little more in depth about every topic since I couldn’t do it in this video otherwise it probably would’ve been an hour long. There’s stuff that I forgot to mention and talk about that I think would be a good thing to talk about in videos later on down the road.

And of course, this is closed captioned ‘cos what kind of hard of hearing person would I be if I didn’t CC it? I’m just hoping mistakes don’t show up out of nowhere since it took so long to save and upload.

Again, I want to thank chescaleigh so, so, so much for helping me spread the word about the video. It means a lot to me. So much, I don’t think you even know.

If any of you reblog this, please accept this big thank you and virtual hug.

By the way, my facial expressions in this are gold.





so being a pedophile is the new wave?

Report these nasty broads, yo.

Shit like this normalizes pedophilia. Report all of them. 

i never knew women on twitter did this kind of nonsense too, gross


Someone at the Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming cats.


Someone at the Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming cats.


when they show a scene from two seasons ago in the “previously on” you know something fishy is about to happen


making your friend watch a horrible movie that you have already seen




from E. R. Kennedy’s twitter, boosting with permission.

I just bought one of his books too….


me when someone pulled old receipts of my fav being problematic 





a moment of silence for the people who could have been remembered as great scientists or leaders if they were cis white men



Eaton House  - Essex, London

this is actually my future house some one gets me 


jurassic world is looking great


jurassic world is looking great


Brenda Song and Raven Symone run into each other at the gym and exchange numbers while Trace Cryus looks on. June, 2014